Capitalizing on the Legacy of Ancient Craftsmanship
for the generation of tomorrow

We are a family full of passion for what we do, as we have been in the industry for more than 100 years, with strong believe that our job is to answer the what, why and who questions on the path to uncovering truths behind decisions.

Utilizing our experienced capabilities is what drives our passion, combined with our believes in creating sustainable partnerships with every client. In fact, we are committed to pursuing a better way of doing things for our industry, our clients and their customers.

Therefore, we offer the market a very sustainable strategic partnership that is second to none, a partnership that guarantees great services, combined with high-value and competitive-cost of fabrication and maintenance services, which makes Binthani Marine the right partner with the right model, at the right time.

Harib Mohammed Binthani


We are Binthani Marine, a full-service Ships Building, Marine Equipment & Services, Metal Fabrication & Welding and Carbon Composite Factory.

A branch of Binthani Legacy Investments, licensed by the Government of Dubai – Dubai Economy, backed up with the power of Dubai SME (Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives), and part of a legacy that goes back to the early beginning of Dubai, Binthani Legacy, more than 100 years of craftsmanship and counting. Hence, our traditional business model is based on the historic beginning of Dubai, its people, the ongoing development and accomplishment of the marine life and city scape, since the inception of Dubai.


Experts offering Best-In-Class Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance services

Binthani Marine’s capability to provide best-in-class products, fabrications, weldings and maintenance services to diverse markets is one of our greatest strengths, as we combine our very long experience of the field with various uniquely tailored services, using latest technologies, which meets the needs of our clients.


Fabrication & Manufacturing

Certified Metal Fabrication & Welding services, as we offer a wide range of solutions for various industries.


Repair & Maintenance

Modern engines are computer controlled for more efficiency and improved performance.


Body & Transformation

More than 100 years of experience in providing premier boat Building, Repairing & Transformation.


Radar &

Latest solutions provided by a highly experienced team of Engineers, Technicians, Operators and Surveyors.



Wide array of Marine Electrical Service, including Surveys and all types of general Electrical works.



Assess, Monitor and Report on Marine Vessels condition, operations procedures and products used on them.


Commercial Diving

Professional and Methodical approach to providing all types of Commercial Diving Services of all project sizes.


Materials Composite

Expertise in composite services for Fiber Reinforced Plastic and Carbon Fiber materials.


The Story of Our Legacy

The history of Binthani Marine goes back to more than 100 years, along with the epic beginning of Dubai, as we have been producing boats, woodwork products and carpentry services for more than 100 years, and counting.

Binthani Legacy Investments

Binthani Marine is just another seed of what Binthani Legacy has to offer,
as we Capitalize on the legacy of ancient craftsmanship for the generation of tomorrow.

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