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Pursuing business through creativity, innovation and advanced technologies.

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With few available manufacturers, who can capitalize on their long and rich craftsmanship legacy, our passionate skilled craftsmen comes with many years of experience that creates eye- catching designs, inviting living spaces and not only looks the way the customer wants; but also works with all the ease and convenience needed.



We provide certified Metal Fabrication and Welding Services, as we offer a wide range of solutions for Ships, Yachts and Boats, some of which are as follow:

    1. Fabrication
      – Pipe Spools.
      – Hand Rails.
      – Louvers
      – Steel Fence
      – Poles.
    2. Welding

      – SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding).
      – GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding).
      – SAW
      (Submerged Arc Welding).
      – FCAW
      (Flux Cored Arc Welding).
      – GMAW
      (Gas Metal Arc Welding).


Along with the epic beginning of Dubai, we have been building boats, providing carpentry services and producing woodwork products for more than 100 years, we bring a sharp eye for detail and aesthetics and a rapid turnaround.

    1. Building Boats
    2. Engraving Works
    3. Ornamentation Works
    4. Creating Custom Design

We offer expertise in composite services for Fiber Reinforced Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and more, from design, manufacturing and application of superior quality and high- performance composite parts and structures.

    1. Fiberglass
    2. Carbon Fiber
    3. Forged Carbon
    4. Structure Reinforcement
    5. Mold Making
    6. Creating Custom Design


    Binthani Marine’s capability to provide best-in-class products, fabrications, weldings and maintenance services to diverse markets is one of our greatest strengths, as we combine our very long experience of the field with various uniquely tailored services that meet the needs of our client’s requirements.